“To call Scruffamudda just a musician would be a serious disservice to his diabolical art, you the listener & music in general. Scruffamudda is a complete physical & psychological experience. A mashup of music styles with elements of electro, hip-hop, punk & pop. Scruffamudda’s live show is as outrageous as it is ingenious, an hilarious interactive experience that features percussion, synths, guitar, ukulele, vocals, children’s toys, gadgets & practically anything else that makes noise. All this from a head full of chaos, a beard woven from pixie dreams & hands made of Lego.” – Moonshine

Upcoming Shows

March 30, 2018 John's River, NSW Yours Yours Buy ticket - $125

Past Shows

February 16, 2018 Marrickville, NSW Dirty Shirlows Dirty Shirlows
February 4, 2018 Newtown, NSW The Townie The Townie
January 18, 2018 Hobart, Tasmania Brisbane Hotel Brisbane Hotel
January 7, 2018 Northcote, Victoria 303 303
January 1, 2018 Camp Wollemi, NSW Easiest Way Easiest Way
November 24, 2017 Newtown, NSW The Townie The Townie
November 12, 2017 Newtown, New South Wales The Hub The Hub
November 4, 2017 Annandale, NSW The Newsagency The Newsagency
October 27, 2017 Newtown, NSW The Townie The Townie
October 14, 2017 Glebe, NSW The Record Crate The Record Crate

        “I love your art, man!”


This enthusiastic response from a punter after a Scruffamudda performance left me feeling gratified but also uneasy. “Art”? Is what I do art? The word evokes an air of pomposity and stuffiness. Art is viewed in a gallery, a space of quiet observation and reverence. Art is behind a barricade, cordoned off for the plebs to look at but not to directly engage with. Surely Scruffamudda is not art… It is music!


Music is fun! When performed live it is a shared experience that has the ability to bring people together in a very tangible and primal way. A beat that the whole audience feels synchronously. When I play I want to share in that energy and blur the line between performer and listener. Every Scruffamudda show features at least one random punter twisting an FX knob, jamming along on a percussion instrument or taking a keyboard solo. We are all sound-makers!


Music is fashion and it need not be. Scenester mentality infiltrates every fan-base of every genre of music. Whilst sub-cultures are inevitable and even important in society, they also help create and perpetuate stereotypes. It follows that popular musicians become the public stylists of these cliques. As Scruffamudda, I do not conform to any one genre musically or visually because I want my sounds to be accessible to everyone. I am the man next door, the guy who works at the shop, your weird cousin, but never a fashionista!


After playing in several bands of various styles over the years (Oven Fresh, Dr Kong & the Stem Cells, Great Apes, Go/No-Go, Celebrity Drug Disasters, etc.) I bought a loop-station to make my own one-man-band. Using live drums, percussion, sequencers, synthesisers, ukulele, guitar, bells, whistles and countless other toys and gadgets, I build up layers of unique loops which become songs. I want to make eclectic music by following any whim that comes to me, both sonically and stylistically whilst maintaining a thread of pop sensibility. Scruffamudda is the name my sister gave to her toy clown doll when we were growing up and it seems an appropriate moniker for this irreverent, candid and humorous project.


So come and enjoy my sounds, my “art” if you will. Whether you are streaming it over the internet or participating in the act at a live performance, I hope that Scruffamudda makes you laugh, cry, sing, dance or at least feel something. As Oscar Wilde is often misquoted as having said: “Life is far too important to be taken seriously”.